Humphreys County Training Center

The Humphreys County Training Center was opened in 2010. It is located at 2123 Scepter Rd. We are proud of the training center and all that it offers. The center has a classroom that has full multimedia capability. Additionally, the center is equipped with a small service kitchen and an outdoor pavilion. The range portion is an open style range. It has two areas that are for short distance shooting and an area that will accommodate distance shots up to 100 yards. The best thing about our training center is, we built it with ZERO tax dollars being used. Plans for additional shooting areas are in the works for the late fall of 2013. 


The training center is primarily used for HCSO personnel training. We now have the space necessary to provide training from firearms to report writing. The second use for the training center is to teach the Tennessee Handgun Carry permit class. We offer the classes at least once per month on Saturdays. The final aspect of training offered is from outside trainers.

We have hosted trainers from all over the United States. We have had students come to the center from all over our region to train with these instructors. Our officers are afforded the opportunity to train with these world class instructors at a reduced rate. Citizens, in which we serve, may utilize the range to safely practice their firearm skills. This may be done once a waiver has been submitted.

The phone number for the Training Center is 931-535-2182 or you can call the Sheriff’s Office at 931-296-2301