HCSO has long been committed to the DARE program. Our new Sheriff has taken a leadership role in the fight against drugs. This philosophy begins with drug education. Currently we have a deputy that teaches DARE to all the fifth graders in our school system. The program has touched the lives of three hundred twenty seven students in five schools this year alone.



The sheriff’s office also participates in the Crimestoppers Tipline program. We have an active group of volunteers that manage the program and it is assisted by all the law enforcement agencies in the county. Rewards for the tipline have been raised by donations from area civic groups, nonprofit organizations, businesses, churches, and concerned citizens. Crimestoppers has been very successful in assisting with the apprehension of wanted persons and solving crimes that left little or no clues for investigators.

We have two exits off of our interstate system. One of the exits has several businesses such as restaurants, motels, gas stations, and truck stops. Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch hosts numerous country music concerts along with the National Motocross Championships, which brings in tens of thousands of visitors per year from all over the world.

Finally, we have two major rivers that offer quality fishing and water sports. Seasonally our population swells by a few thousand people that gather in river resort areas. Many people have weekend or summer homes along the bank of the Tennessee River. While these people do not count in our annual census, we still are forced to deal with the population influx.

Our administration and personnel are committed to the practice of community oriented policing. We remain focused and dedicated to our community. We feel very proud that we have such active citizens and that our relationships with the different organizations are strong. Agencies like ours are the grass roots of community oriented policing. We plan to continue our efforts while strengthening the areas that we tend to be lacking in. While we do a good job, our citizens deserve better. We know we can give it to them!